Alerts & Warnings

Important Alerts & Warnings

SME has received complaints that a third-party company has contacted MINEXCHANGE SME Exhibitors and potential attendees with emails advertising the SME MINEXCHANGE 2023 attendee list. In some cases, the email contains the conference logo copied off the publicly available web site.

SME does not release the MINEXCHANGE conference attendee list publicly, and does not post this list on our web site. We will email the list of those attendees who opt-in to share their contact details to registered Sponsors and Exhibitors only. We do not work with this company and have no information on the veracity of their claims. We have not shared any data with this company.
Please do not respond to inquiries from unknown and unsolicited sources.

SME’s only official registration and housing Partner is Maritz Global Events. Other official conference providers are listed in the Exhibitor Service Kit. These companies are contracted to offer legitimate products and services designed to provide you with a successful conference.