Technical Sessions 2021

MINEXCHANGE 2021 SME Annual Conference & Expo connects you to a vibrant exchange of information, ideas and products. Collaborate with colleagues and thought leaders from across the industry and get the insights, information and tools you need to excel in an era of innovation and economic change.

The 2021 SME Annual Conference program will be a dynamic blend of live and on-demand presentations and poster sessions. This timely program will feature critical subject matter from around the globe and industry in mining and mineral innovation. Content will also feature SME signature lectures such as Gaudin, Jackling, Dreyer, Murray, Wadsworth and Richards along with feature keynotes each day.

*Check back often for program additions and updates

Utilizing oil and gas appraisal methods in legal disputes; translating theory into practice 
Josh Hickman, Hickman Geological Consulting

Asset Appraisal versus Company Valuations - Part 2         
Amy Jacobsen, Behre Dolbear Group Inc.

Evaluating the HBU “Financially Feasible” Component for the Undeveloped Mineral Property      
James Beck, J. M. Beck & Associates

Update to Trends in Gold Property Transaction Values 2012 - 2020
Grant Malensek, SRK Consulting (U.S.), Inc.

COVID-19 and Mining Operations: Public Health Impact and Response   
Eric Lutz, University of Arizona

Health & Safety: Hot Topics in Frontline Worker H&S-Panel 
Susan Moore, NIOSH and Mark Savit, Husch Blackwell

NORA Working Group Outcomes: Automation and Autonomy 
Lee Saperstein, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Dave Snyder, NIOSH; Hugh Miller, Colorado School of Mines

Natural Language Processing Based Artificial Intelligence on MSHA Mine Accidents Database
Rajive Ganguli, University of Utah

AI-Enabled Adaptive Learning Technology for Effective Training in a Streamed Environment
Mary Poulton, Desert Saber LLC

Using Artificial Intelligence for Roof Fall Hazard Detection             
Ergin Isleyen, Colorado School of Mines

Using a Machine Learning Model to Find Leading Indicators of Fatigue of Haul Truck Drivers          
Elaheh Talebi, University of Utah

Development of a direct sensing sampler for submicron mining particles including coal, silica and nano-sized diesel particulates           
Candace Tsai, Colorado State University

Field-based monitoring techniques for respirable dust and crystalline silica – A case study in a sandstone quarry  
Emanuele Cauda, NIOSH

Wearables: a tool for investigating fatigue in the mining workforce.         
Joao Marques, University of Utah

Application of the algorithm to identify facial expressions and visual fatigue based on OpenCV for the evaluation of work performance in drivers.          
Julber Roly Arisaca, Universidad Nacional De San Agustín De Arequipa Student Chapter

Low-Cost Dust Sensors in Mining: Initial Results and Future Research      
Justin Patts, NIOSH

Tools to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and slips, trips, and falls in mining     
Mahiyar F. Nasarwanji, NIOSH

Recent Advancements and Innovations in Sensor Technologies for Mining Safety and Health        
John Steele, Colorado School of Mines

Implementation of Ground Control Management Plan in Small- and Medium-Scale Underground Mines
Aman Soni, Virginia Tech

Near-real-time methane prediction with artificial intelligence in longwall coal mining       
Doga Demirkan, Colorado School of Mines

Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Early Warning Safety Systems with Deep Understanding      
Chao Lu, University of Nevada

Best Practices from Behavior-Based Safety: Motivating Miners to “Do the Right Thing
Lori Guasta, Colorado School of Mines

Richards Award –Lecture
Michael Mankosa

Wadsworth Award - Lecture       
Frank Crundwell

Gaudin Lecture
Courtney Young, MT Tech

Solving Low Hour Centrifugal Compressor Failures Through root cause analysis   
Craig Churchman, Capstone

Cyclone Size Selection for Mill Concentrator Applications: There’s More than One Good Choice   
Debra Switzer, Weir Minerals

"A Multi-Technology Approach To Optimizing The Carbon-In-Leach (Cil) Cirucit At The Haile Gold Mine”  
Jeremy Rozelle, Oceanagold

Terraflowing™ – An Innovative And Flexible Method For Tailings Management
Nils Steward, Weir Minerals Australia Ltd

Ion and Precipitate Flotation of Rare Earth Elements by Conventional and Green Surfactants
Irina Chernyshova, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Geoscience and Petroleum) and Sathish Ponnurangam, University of Calgary (Chemical and Petroleum Engineering)

Numerical Method for Flowsheet Development of Rare Earth Solvent Extraction Separation Process
Vaibhav Kumar Srivastava, University of Kentucky (Mining Engineering)

New insights into the electrolytes involved in the Alternative Anode Reaction Technology (AART) for copper electrowinning 
Jiahao Xu, The University of Texas at El Paso College of Engineering (Material Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering)

Hydrometallurgical recovery of cathode materials from spent lithium-ion batteries using methanesulfonic acid and citric acid    
Jiajia Wu

Recovery of Copper from Circuit Boards using Ammoniacal Solutions       
Peijia Lin, University of Kentucky College of Engineering (Mining Engineering)

Low-Cost, High-Value Metal Recovery from Electronic Waste to Increase Recycling and Reduce Environmental Impact 
Michael Free, University of Utah

Metallurgical Considerations for Modelling the Recovery of Gold from Heap Leach Facilities (HLF)
Robert Gow, Forte Dynamics

Geometallurgical Study of Copper Whole Ore from an Open Pit Mine with Various Leaching System
Myagmarjav Battur, The University of Arizona (Mining and Geological Engineering)

Microbial Community and Activity Regulation during Heap Bioleaching of Copper Sulfide Ore in Monywa Mine, Myanmar           
Jiaqi Jin, University of Utah (Materials Science and Engineering)

Utilizing an internal tank clarifier to achieve counter current leaching
Joshua Werner, University of Kentucky (Mining)

Non-solvent Based Surface Treatments for Sustainable Mineral Processing Applications  
Bernardo Moreno Baqueiro Sansao, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (Materials Engineering and Science)

Control of Zeta Potentials to Improve Flotation Kinetics 
Roe-Hoan Yoon

Improved Sulfide Frother Reagents         
Aaron Pejlovas, Clariant Corporation (OMS)

Green Flotation: Interaction of Biosurfactants with Metal Sulfides
Irina Chernyshova, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Geoscience and Petroleum) and Hanumantha Rao Kota, Professor (Department of geosciences and petroleum)

Copper and Molybdenum Recovery Increased by Upgrading Flotation Cells with Center Launders at Hudbay Constancia         
Guillermo Bermudez, Metso Outotec

Open vs. Closed Circuit Configurations for the Flotation of Low-Grade Porphyry Copper Ores       
Roe-Hoan Yoon

A hydraulic operational froth flotation model     
Osvaldo Bascur, OSB Digital, LLC

Development of the Adjustable Radial Froth Crowder technology for froth recovery optimization
Jacob Salgado, FLSmidth USA Inc, FLSmidth, Salt Lake City, UT,

Using Experimental Data to Validate a Flotation Cell CFD Model for Development of a Dynamic CFD-based Simulator
Ronney Rodrigues Silva, FLSmidth

Flotation Cell maintenance. Does it matter to financial bottom line?         
Martin Brandstorm, Metso: Outotec

Collision phenomena of fine particles with bubbles in a turbulent flow field using 4D particle tracking velocimetry       
Anna – Elisabeth Sommer, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Fluid Dynamics)

Development of the Reflux Flotation Cell, From Lab to Pilot to Full Scale 
Kevin Galvin, The University of Newcastle (Chemical Engineering)

Hydrophobicity and Entrainment in Flotation: The Effect of Specifically Adsorbed Ions     
Victor Claremboux, Michigan Technological University (Chemical Engineering)

In-Plant Testing of the HydroFloatTM Technology to Evaluate its Suitability for Coarse Gold and Gold-bearing Ore Flotation
Himesh Patel, University of Nevada Reno (Mining and Metallurgical Engineering)

Interstage Screening Evolution, Retrofitting OceanaGold's Haile Gold Mine's CIL Interstage Screens with Urethane Screening Surfaces and The Increased Savings and Performance.           
Eric R. Mortensen, Process Machinery Associates

Lunar In-Situ Resource Beneficiation      
Kerst Kingsbury, University of Arizona (Mining and Geological Engineering)

Evaluation and Sorting of Coarse Particles based on X-ray Technology     
Jiaqi Jin, University of Utah (Materials Science and Engineering)

Deploying Containerized Sensor-Based Sorting Solutions: Experiences from the Field
Jordan Rutledge, Colorado School of Mines/Silvateam Indunor (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering) and Harold Cline

On Demand Training To Make the Surface Mining Industry Safer
William C. York-Feirn Colorado Division of Reclamation Mining & Safety (Colorado Department of Natural Resources) and Todd R. Ohlheiser, Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association

Respirable silica dust exposure: Development of training program for workers in aggregate mines
Pedram Roghanchi, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Mineral Engineering)

Smart Cab Filtration and Pressurized System for Enclosed Cabs on Mobile Mining Equipment       
Kyle Louk, CDC/NIOSH (Dust, Ventilation, and Toxic Substances)

Occupational Accidents and Injuries Analysis in the US Aggregate Mines
Elham Rahimi, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Mineral Engineering)

Method for Updating Sparse Exploration Models With Current Mining Grade Data
William A. Wilkinson, Datamine; Katie Wilkes

Characterizing Specific Yield for Lithium Brine Resource Estimation
Daniel Weber, HDR Inc.; Michael Rosko; and Walter Rojas

Mining Software for Thin Seam Deposits Orlando
Liduvino Palomino

Potential Lithium Resources in New Mexico
Ginger McLemore, NMBGMR/NM Tech

Identifying Unstable Materials for Dragline Bench Designs            
William A. Wilkinson, Datamine; and Emily Adams

Evaluating different types of Load Haul Dump buckets on initial penetration criteria         
Atta Ur Rehman, Missouri University of Science and Technology (Mining Engineering)

Investigating Round Advancement at an Underground Limestone Mine  
Tristan Worsey, Dyno Nobel (DynoConsult)

Rapid Construction Methodologies Help Owners/Operators Implement Repairs to their Critical Infrastructure Assets  
Thomas Kline, Structural Technologies (Concrete Repair Solutions)

Multiscale Structural Characterization of Consolidated Halloysite and its Variation with Temperature
Jiaqi Jin, University of Utah (Materials Science and Engineering)

Structural geology and its impact on local hydrogeology at a lime stone quarry in northwest Georgia.
Elliott A. Mallard

Finding Value in Waste: Tailings to Topsoil           
Dustin Helmer and Nathan Manser, Michigan Technological University College of Engineering (GMES)

Changing surface – changing performance; modifying peat to remove sulfate      
Paul Eger, Global Minerals Engineering

CFD Simulation of Crud Formation in Air-Sparged Hydrocyclone (ASH)
Hassan Fayed, Virginia Tech

Ignatius Stephanus Bornman, Multotec Process Equipment (PTY) LTD (R&D Technology Department)

The Use of Dense Medium Separation to Upgrade Industrial Minerals and Metals Ores
David Woodruff, University of Leeds Faculty of Engineering (Mining)

Investigating Different Methods Used for Approximating Pillar Loads in Longwall Coal Mines        
Deniz Tuncay, West Virginia University (Mining Engineering Department)

LiDAR Mapping of Ground Damage in a Heading Re-orientation Case Study          
Nicole Evanek, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Pittsburgh Mining Research Division)

Coal Mine Entry Rating System: A Case Study      
Mark Alexander Van Dyke, NIOSH (Ground Control)

The Current Perspective of the PA 1957 Gas Well Pillar Study and Its Implications for Longwall Gas Well Pillars               
Peter Zhang, NIOSH

A Coal Rib Monitoring Study in a Room-and-Pillar Retreat Mine  
Gamal Rashed, NIOSH

Effect of Floor Geology, Pillar Design and In situ Stresses on Floor Stability             
Sena Cicek, Graduate student (Mining Engineering)

Numerical Analysis for the Prediction of Bump Prone Conditions: A Southern Appalachian Pillar Coal Bump Case Study         
David Newman

A Preliminary Investigation on Stochastic Discrete Element Modeling for Pillar Strength Determination in Underground Limestone Mines from a Probabilistic Risk Analysis Approach          
Juan Monsalve, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Minerals and materials)

Quantifying relationships between subsidence and longwall face advance using DInSAR  
Bailey Simmons

Longwall-induced ground movement at a shale gas well site located in a district barrier pillar – FLAC3D modeling results and interpretation
Heather Dougherty, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Dynamic Failure Classification within the Context of Regional Geology: A Case Study from the Uinta and Piceance Basins
Heather Lawson, NIOSH

Electromagnetic Interference. What it means and what NIOSH is doing to understand the challenges
Miguel Angel Reyes, NIOSH Pittsburgh Mining Research Division (Electrical and Mechanical Systems Safety)

Prioritizing Electromagnetic Interference Testing of Devices Used in Underground Coal Mines      
John Homer, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Pittsburgh Mining Research Division)

The Influence of Depositional Environment on Dynamic Failure Potential in U.S. Coal Seams
Heather Lawson, NIOSH

Mine fire response time predictions using two interconnected artificial neural networks
Manuel Barros, Virginia Tech

Integrated Wireless Dust Sensing Network for Measuring Respirable Dust in Surface Mines – Remote Power Using Photovoltaic Devices         
Bill Groves, Penn State University (Energy and Mineral Engineering)

An analysis of coal miners’ lung diseases in the US underground coal mines between 1983 and 2018
Elham Rahimi, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Mineral Engineering)

Evaluation of Contamination Ingress inside a 30-person Built-in-Place in an Underground Coal Mine using real time monitors  
Joseph Bickson, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Effectiveness of the CPDM in reducing overexposures to coal mine dust.
Steven Mischler, NIOSH (PMRD)

Dispersion Characteristics of Coal and Rock Dust Mixtures in Dry and Wet Conditions
Kayode Ajayi, NIOSH

Novel vibrating mesh design for the wet flooded-bed scrubber: system design and bench-scale experiments               
Hassan Amini, Virginia Tech (Mining & Minerals Engineering)

Mass- and particle-based analysis of respirable dust samples from 23 US coal mines         
Maria Lizeth Jaramillo Taborda, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Mining and minerals department)

A Second Case Study of Field Test Results for Comparison of Roof Bolter Dry Collection System with Wet Collection System           
William Randolph Reed, NIOSH (DCVTSB)

Calibration of low-cost PM sensors for coal dust monitoring         
Nana Amoah, Missouri University of Mines and Technology (Mining Engineering)

Preliminary Studies on Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Respirable Coal Mine Dust
Lei Pan, Michigan Technological University

Developing Virtual Reality for Mine Rescue         
Jennica Bellanca, CDC NIOSH

Blast Response And Redesign Of A Built-In-Place Refuge Alternative Door
Dave Yantek, CDC NIOSH

Cryogenic Air Supplies as a Breathable Air Source for Refuge Alternatives              
Dave Yantek, CDC NIOSH

Analyzing the effect of antenna length of a linear through-the-earth communication antenna for underground refuge alternatives         
Nick Damiano, CDC-NIOSH (Health and Human Services)

Components for Next Generation Closed-Circuit Respirators
Rohan Fernando, NIOSH-OMSHR

Earth Mapping Resources Initiative: Collecting Geoscience Data for Critical Mineral and other Natural Resources          
Warren Day, US Geological Survey (Mineral Resources Program)

Identifying Pathways for Enhanced Collaboration between the Mining and Geothermal Industries.
Aaron Levine, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Strategic Energy Analysis)

Retrospective Analysis of the DOE GTO Mineral Recovery Projects            
Patrick Dobson and William Stringfellow, E O Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Energy Geosciences)

U.S. Department of Energy’s Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) – Geothermal Energy: Mining a Secure Future 
Alexandra Prisjatschew, US Department of Energy (Geothermal Technologies Office)

A Hybrid Sorbent for Selective Recovery of Lithium from Geothermal Brines        
Susanna Ventura, SUVENCO LLC

Lithium from Geothermal Brines: An Economic Comparison with Conventional Lithium Resources
Rod Eggert, Colorado School of Mines (Economics & Business)

Beneficial Utilization of Associated Mineralogy to Economically Enhance the Recovery of Critical Materials from Coal-Based Sources             
Rick Honaker, University of Kentucky (Mining Engineering)

Rare Earth Elements and Critical Minerals            
Mary Anne Alvin, NETL

A Novel Approach for Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Fly Ash            
Mohammad Rezaee, The Pennsylvania State University (Energy and Mineral Engineering)

Design and Testing of an Integrated Pilot-Scale AMD Treatment and Rare Earth Recovery Process              
Aaron Noble, Virginia Tech

Process Development for Separating Actinides from Rare Earth-containing Solution Generated from Coarse Coal Refuse       
Deniz Talan, West Virginia University (Mining Engineering)

Effects of Contaminant Metal Ions on the Precipitation Recovery of Rare Earth Elements Using Oxalic Acid               
Wencai Zhang, Virginia Tech

Pressure Balancing Tests at the West Elk Coal Mine         
FELIPE CALIZAYA, University of Utah (Mining)

Heat management alternatives in deep underground mines as a crucial part of mine ventilation 
Mohit Butani

Numerical evaluation of spot cooling techniques for underground metal mines   
Nelson Kofi Dumakor-Dupey, University of Alaska Fairbanks

A Mathematical Model of Improved R70 Test for the Propensity of Coal Spontaneous Combustion            
Yinan Zhang, West Virginia University (mining engineering)

USFS White River and Pike San Isabel National Forests Site-Specific Restoration for Abandoned Mine Land               
Randy Mandel, Ramboll

Modeling of Uranium Attenuation in Shallow Groundwater Environment
PJ Nolan, Golder

A review of problems and innovatic solutions of abandoned mines 
Vivek Kumar Singh, National Institute of Technology Raipur (mining)

Reclamation Considerations for a Historic Waste Rock Pile with High Metals Content       
Sarah Doyle, Colorado School of Mines

Modeling water resource impacts to wetlands during mine development and closure – the selection of boundary conditions      
Vikas Tandon, Foth Infrastructure & Environment (Mining)

Design & Construction of Barrier Berms using Innovative Reclamation Techniques to Benefit Mineland Operational Safety and Community Viewshed   
Allyz Kramer

Conversion to No-Purge Groundwater Sampling at a Former Mine in New Mexico             
Joe Gilbert

Pit Lake Sediment Cover for Geochemical Control of Trace Metal Release: Geochemical Model, Bench-Scale Demonstration, Field Pilot, and Full-Scale Implementation           
Brian Schroth, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc (Federal & Environmental Solutions)

Legacy Mine Drainage Water Balance Considerations When Using Evaporation as a Control Tool 
Robert Ballantyne, Resource West, Inc

How Did We Get Here? A Historical Perspective for the Butte Superfund site
David Williams

Start-Up Commissioning Considerations –Wastewater Treatment for Metals Reduction  
Kristin Glikbarg, Burns & McDonnell (Mechanical Process Department - Energy)

Developing and Emerging Technology Trends in Mine Water Supply and Effluent Treatment         
Victoria Gosteva, Black & Veatch

Groundwater Modeling for Mine Operations using MODFLOW 6
Mark Porter, Brown and Caldwell

How to Plan and Design for Water Management in a Changing Mine Plan Landscape        
Joanie Stultz, Brown and Caldwell (Mining)

Wetland Water Balance Modeling for Secondary Wetland Impact Assessment
Mike Nimmer, Foth Companies (Environment)

Operation of the Eagle Mine Superfund Site Water Treatment Plant         
David Heinze, Ramboll US Corporation

Pilot Testing of Iron Coprecipitation for Selenite Removal at Mine Site Shows Positive Results      
Dominic Pontarolo, Brown and Caldwell (Industrial Water)

Biological Treatment of Thiosalts
Marc Laliberte, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

Stringent Metal Removal in Mine Wastewater Applications Using Ballasted Flocculation and Disc Filtration               
Myriam De Ladurantaye-Noel, Veolia Water Technologies Canada (Technologies)

Cost-Effective Subsurface Pit Lake Liming for Zinc Removal           
Roger Scharf, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc

ESG Performance & Sustainability Reporting Panel Discussion     
Kwame Awuah-Offei, Missouri University of Science & Technology (Mining & Nuclear Engineering)

Beyond Social Licensing: Employing Creative Capacity Building to Develop Problem Solving and Design Capabilities Among Mining Communities in Colombia
Oscar Jaime Restrepo Baena, Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Materials and Minerals)

The Social License to Operate and Corporate Accountability: Lessons from Engineers Working in High Conflict Projects              
Jessica Smith, Colorado School of Mines (Engineering, Design & Society)

Mine operator social responsibility necessitates geomonitoring 
Tobias Rudolph, Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola (Research Center of Post-Mining)

Mining for the Future: Colorado State Trust Lands, Public Schools, and Long-Term Stewardship
Benjamin Teschner, Colorado School of Mines (Mining Engineering); and Kristin Kemp, Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners

Analysis and validation of the Certification of Raw materials (CERA) application matrix, to ensure sustainability in the cobalt supply chain.           
Responsible Sourcing for the Energy Transition  
Mary E. Bingham Chee, Colorado School of Mines, (Mining Department)

Mining in Bolivia— Social License 
Agustin Moises Cárdenas

Clean Technology: Autonomous Haulage Which is Environmentally and Profitably Smart 
James Fisk, Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc and Lisa Youngblood, Rail-Veyor Technologies Global Inc.

Space Technology, AI and Drones: Innovation in Environmental Monitoring and Characterization
Mike Rawitch, Galago by Ramboll

The Implementation of Electric Vehicle Fleets in Large Mining Operations: The Case of CODELCO                                
Gonzalo Ramírez Troxler, Corporacion Nacional del Cobre de Chile

The benefits of EV fleet adoption.            
Anthony Griffiths and Maarten van Koppen

Technology & sustainability at Vale's Base Metals operations      
Alex Mulloy, Vale Canada Ltd (Technology & Innovation)

From Diesel to Batteries: Issues, Challenges and Solutions to Upgrading a Mine’s Power Infrastructure for the Change
Dave Zabel and James Onsager, S&C Electric

Fast-track Environmental Permitting of a Mineral Sands Surface Mine in Florida  
Edward Murawski, Kleinfelder (Environmental Permitting); and Elliott A. Mallard, Kleinfelder

Environmental Permitting As An Engineering Endeavor 
Larry Kramka, Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC

Big Data: Updating the Historical Record at Legacy Mine Sites     
Michael Rawitch, Ramboll Galago

Mining for a STEAM Education - Panel  
Ryan Miles, The Electrum Group and Shannon Mann, All About Mining, Shannon Mann, All About Mining

Navigating Environment Social and Governance (ESG) Risk and Opportunities: Strategic and Legal Perspectives - Panel
Jill Cooper, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.; Chris Neumann, Greenberg Traurig; Carolina Ortega, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.

Waters of the United States. The New Regulatory Regime for Surface and Ground Water
John Watson, Spencer Fane LLP

Bringing Back the Critical Minerals Supply Chain to the USA         
Mark Chalmers, Energy Fuels, Inc.

New Solutions for Old Problems
James M. Miller, Pivot Industries

Innovations for The Working Athlete      
Mark Paulsen, Working Athlete

Energy Trends Impacting Business           
Ronald Miller, Newmont Corporation

Sustainable Energy for Mining – Harvesting ROI and Social License - Panel
Everod Samuel, Samuel Engineering and DJ Alemayehu, Samuel Engineering

Learning From Crisis To Create Innovation in the time of COVID 
Gillian Noonan, Geotechnical Center of Excellence and Brad Ross, 90 Degree Consulting LLC

Unlocking Management's Most Elusive Goal: "Best Possible" Metrics That Empower Your Team                                  
Kay Sever, OptimiZ Consulting LLC

Digital Transformation in Mining and Mineral Processing
Osvaldo A. Bascur, OSB Digital, LLC

Shortcomings of Open Pit Mine Plans     
Kadri Dagdelen, Colorado School of Mines (Mining Engineering)

A Wholeness Approach to Open Pit Scheduling and Optimization               
Raul E. Vivas, Hexagon Mining (Technical Services) and Claudio Galleguillos

Estimate 1,000 Fleet Scenarios In Less Than A Minute
Justin Bollini, Komatsu America Corp

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Automated Blast Hole Drills       
Curtis Stacy, MineWare

Integrating Geometallurgy in Short-Term Stochastic Production Scheduling: Predicting Comminution Performance using Sensor and Production Data in Mining Complexes     
Christian Both, McGill University (Mining and Materials Engineering)

Using Rugged 3D Imaging and Deep Learning to Provide the First Machine Vision-based Lip Shroud Monitoring System for Shovels         
Shahram Tafazoli, Motion Metrics International Corp

Improvement of the hauling system through an idle times approach in open pit mines    
Cesar Estrella Bazan, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria

Advantages of FMS-Integrated Automated Payload Management             
Connor Williams

Transforming Underground Electrical Systems – 995V Case Study              
Eduard Pogosov, Burns & McDonnell (Mining)

A Basic Perspective on Mining & Quarry Efficiency            
John Petrea, Caterpillar Inc (Job Site Solutions)

Reducing Uncertainty, Sustaining Improvements: Caterpillar Mining Performance Solutions          
Metin Yildirim, Caterpillar Inc (Global Mining)

“Play the Hand You're Dealt”- A Case Study in Optimizing Shovel Performance Utilizing Technology       
Bob Riggle and Jason LaForest, Caterpillar Inc.

How to Secure Planned Value by Closing the Loop Between Mine Planning and Operations           
Dustin Meisburger, Hexagon

High Altitude Production Study with a Caterpillar 797F - 400 Ton Haul Truck         
Antonio Varela, Caterpillar Inc (Global Mining)

Material flow in the Digital Mine – real time assessment and tracking of ore quality for conveyor based materials handling
Christian Dirscherl, Siemens Industry Inc. (Minerals)

Looking to the Future: Introducing Diversity & Inclusion initiatives into a shifting culture during an expansion at the Sibanye-Stillwater Montana Operations   
Laura O'Connor, Sibanye-Stilwater (Engineering)

WIM AZ chapter: a non-profit model in favor of empowering women in the mining industry for a more inclusive and diverse worksite that could be replicated   
Rosa Maria Rojas, University of Arizona and Verónica Córdova, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Mineria)

A Qualitative and Quantitative study of the current situation of female mine engineers in the Peruvian mining industry: Challenges and Opportunities 
Rosa Maria Rojas, University of Arizona

Responsible gold: Gold certification schemes and artisanal and small-scale mining             
Gerardo Martinez, Colorado School of Mines

Covid-19 outbreak and its impact in securing critical raw materials supply.            
Jose Garcia del Real, TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Institute of Mining & Special Civil Engineering)

Mine Closure and Sustainable Development: An Evaluation of Repurposing Scenarios Considering Stakeholder Perspectives
Cansu Perdeli Demirkan, Colorado School of Mines (Earth Resources Development Engineering)

“A New Look at an Old Mining Method – Resue Mining Method Revived in the San Juan Mountains”
Mark A. Brown, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (Mining Engineering & Management)

Case Study of a Diversity and Inclusion Program in Mining             
Claire Kincaid, Colorado School of Mines (Mining and Earth Systems Engineering)

Empirical evidence-based proposals for creating a gender-inclusive mining industry          
Bruno Kansake, Missouri University of Science and Technology (Mining and Nuclear Engineering Department)

Why the mining industry needs more women. An analysis of the gender distribution of the mining industry in Latin America, with suggestions to increase female representation.         
Carolina Navia Vasquez and Rennie B. Kaunda, Colorado School of Mines (Mining)

Employee Engagement & Empowerment – Foundations of Continuous Improvement      
Matthew Fein, The Fein Companies LLC

Mapping Gold Supply Chains Using System Dynamics Modeling  
Linda Jaramillo

Disruption of Community Agreements Due to Pandemic - Case of Glencore's Antapaccay in Peru
Andrés Recalde, Canadian Institute of Mining Metallurgy and Petroleum

Application of Big Data and Agile Methodologies in Optimizing Mine Value Chain 
Abhishekh Ashok Parmar, Freeport McMoran Inc.

Technological Advances of Underground Optimization Tools for Narrow Vein Mines
Alberto Ramos, Hecla Mining

Drones on the Mine: Why Drone Data is the Key to Better Blast Planning
Bri Ivar, Propeller Aero

How FCX is leveraging technology to enhance production and maintenance
David Barnes, Freeport-McMoRan Inc

Digital Solutions for Mining with Artificial Intelligence
Franz Rietschel, FLSmidth

Machine Learning Techniques to Copper Metallurgical Recoveries Calculation in Toromocho Mining Operation
Giorgito Giarnelly, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria

Using Real-Time Data Analytics to Improve Asset Reliability and Performance
Greg Tanck, Black & Veatch

Real time telemetry improving predictive maintenance and productivity at the Kibali Underground Gold Mine
Ismail Traore

Mining in a Pandemic
Jacob Yeung, Caterpillar Inc

Mapping copper heap leach pads with UAV-based hyperspectral remote sensing
Jingping He

Applied Machine Learning Techniques for Underground Metal and Non-metal Mining Injury Classification
Lohith Sekhar Potluri

Advanced automated monitoring of a Tailings Facility: How coupling geophysics and in-situ sensors can increase safety and provide a cost-effective inside into Tailings Dams.
Marc Peters, University of Arizona

Semi-automatic geotechnical characterization of pillars in stone mines with autonomous robotic system
Mario Bendezu De La Cruz, West Virginia University

Predicting Rock Fragmentation Based on Novel Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) and Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Extreme Gradient Boosting (GA-XGBoost)
Philip Duah, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg

Mapping Inaccessible Underground Mine Areas with Autonomous Drones
Richard Bishop, Virginia Tech

Drill Automation impact on the value chain
Tyler Berens, Epiroc

Unit Operations in Pioneering Works for Mining on the Moon
Victor Tenorio, University of Arizona 

Underground wireless connectivity: Understanding the environmental challenges that affect the selection of your wireless technology and the design of your wireless network, in order to ensure optimal performance
Ron White, 3D-P

Perceived Safety Versus Functional Safety of an Autonomous Haulage System’s Remote Stop and All-Stop System
Benjamin Miller, Autonomous Correct, LLC

GMG Guideline for Applying Functional Safety to Autonomous Systems in Mining
Andrew Scott, Global Mining Guidelines Group

A Deep Learning Based Framework to Induce Object Recognition Ability for the Surface Mining Haul Trucks
Danish Ali, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Five Principles of Successful Digital Transformation
Ashutosh Agarwal, Uptake Technlogies

Enhancing Stockpile Modeling through UAV's and Photogrammetry
Aaron Young

Anthropogenic Autonomy: The Human Aspects of Mining Automation
Chelsea Gilbert, Caterpillar Inc.

From Mine to Mill to Autonomous Mines: Assessing the Impacts of Artificial Intelligence
Maria Nathalie Risso, Universidad del Bio Bio

Block Modeling and Estimation of Geometallurgical Variables
Erik Ronald, SRK Consulting

Alternative Approaches to Geometallurgical Domain Modeling
Jake Anderson, Maptek

Mineralogical and Leach Characteristics of Sandstone-Hosted Vanadium Ore
Molly Radwany, University of Arizona

Block Modeling and Estimation of Geometallurgical Variables
Erik Ronald, SRK Consulting

Alternative Approaches to Geometallurgical Domain Modeling
Jake Anderson, Maptek

Mineralogical and Leach Characteristics of Sandstone-Hosted Vanadium Ore
Molly Radwany, University of Arizona

The Sequential Copper Analysis Method - Update Geological, Mineralogical and Metallurgical Applications
Eugenio Lasillo; Process Engineering LLC

Improving Accuracy of Geometallurgical Predictions Using Machine Learning and Actual Plant Performance
Stewart Penny, Petra Data Science Pty Ltd

Exploration, Development and Environmental Clean-up of the Madison Mine Co, Ni, Cu Project Fredericktown, Missouri.  Setting the Precedence of Turning a Former Lead Mine on the EPA Clean-up Priority List into a Green Energy Minerals Producer.
Andy Childers, Missouri Cobalt

Assessment of Risks and Opportunities in Mineral Resource Estimates for Mining Finance Professionals
Abani Samal, GeoGlobal LLC

Catch Bench Design to Mitigate Rockfall Hazards: Revisiting the Modified Ritchie Criterion
Sean Warren, NIOSH

Case Study of Subsampled Ground-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar Data Recorded in a Large Open Pit Mine Compared to Sentinel-1a Vectors
Julio Quijas de Lara, University of Arizona; Jon Leighton, 3vGeomatics; Cody Stopka, IDS GeoRadar

3D Integration of Directional Movement Data for Manefay Failure
Chad Williams, Alec Tristani, Julio Quijas de Lara, University of Arizona;Dustin Hicks, Matt Laird, Rio Tinto

An Integral System for Monitoring and Modeling of Rock Fragmentation and Highwall Blast Vibration
Ruilin Yang, Orica USA Inc

EStress and Fracturing at the Interface Between Backfill and Rock: Results of Experiments and Numerical Modeling
Xin Yu, John Kemeny, University of Arizona

Technologies and Practices for Remotely Monitoring Ground Stability in Underground U.S. Metal Mines
Shawn Boltz, Derrick Chambers, Donovan Benton, Sean Warren, NIOSH; Kathryn Dehn, Americas Gold and Silver

Numerical Modeling of the Ground Reaction Curve and Support Reaction Curve for Pillars in Underground Limestone Mines
Cristian Cardenas Triana, Jesus  Castillo, Zach Agioutantis, University of Kentucky; Christopher Newman, Appalachian Mining & Engineering Inc

Statistical Assessment of Rock Fall Risk in Artisanal and Small-Scale Underground Mines in Peru
Carolina Navia Vasquez, Colorado School of Mines

Simulation-based Training: Building the Future Rock Mechanics Workforce
Jeffrey Oke, RockEng Inc

Christopher Bareither, TailEng
Andy Fourie, University of Western Australia
David Williams, AusIMM
David Brett
Andrew Witte, Rick Friedel, and Jim Casey, KCB
Priscilla Nelson, Colorado School of Mines
Ward Wilson, University of Alberta
Dirk van Zyl, UBC

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