MINEXCHANGE 2021 SME Annual Conference & Expo and CMA 123rd National Western Mining Conference -
Social License: Mining for the Future

Connect to a vibrant exchange of information, ideas and products. Collaborate with colleagues and thought leaders from across the industry and get the insights, information and tools you need to excel in an era of innovation and economic change.

The 2021 SME Annual Conference program will be a dynamic blend of live and on-demand presentations and poster sessions. This timely program will feature critical subject matter from around the globe and industry in mining and mineral innovation including:

  • Valuation
  • Health & Safety Breakfast/Awards    
  • Health & Safety: Hot Topics in Frontline Worker H&S-Panel
  • Health & Safety: NORA Working Group Outcomes: Automation and Autonomy
  • Health & Safety: Applying AI Methods to Advance Health and Safety Issues: A Series of Case Studies
  • Health & Safety General Session
  • MPD Plenary featuring:
    • Richards Award – Lecture
    • Wadsworth Award - Lecture
    • Gaudin Lecture
  • MPD: Plant Design: Plant Design
  • Chemical Processing: Extractive Metallurgy of Critical Materials
  • Chemical Processing: Metal Recycling Forum Batteries and e wastes
  • Chemical Processing: Leaching Design Control and Alternative Lixiviant
  • Flotation Chemistry and Reagents
  • Operational Aspects of Flotation
  • Physical Aspects of Flotation
  • Physical Separation: Developments in Physical Separation Technology: Operating Case Studies
  • Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Health & Safety in Industrial Minerals & Aggregates
  • Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Resource Estimation, Mine Planning & Operations
  • Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Innovations in Industrial Minerals and Aggregates I
  • Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Innovations in Industrial Minerals and Aggregates II
  • Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Physical Separation & Beneficiation
  • Coal & Energy: Best of Ground Control I
  • Coal & Energy: Best of Ground Control II
  • Coal & Energy: Coal Mine Health & Safety
  • Coal & Energy: Dust Control
  • Coal & Energy: Mine Rescue and Emergency Operations
  • Coal & Energy: Geothermal - challenges and opportunities
  • Coal & Energy: Rare Earth from Coal
  • Coal & Energy: Ventilation
  • Environmental: Abandoned Mine Lands
  • Environmental: Mine Closure and Reclamation
  • Environmental: The path for cleanup of mining contamination in Butte, Montana
  • Environmental: Innovative Mine Water Supply, Planning, Use, and Discharge Strategies
  • Environmental: Mine Water Treatment Case Studies of Development, Delivery, and Operations
  • Environmental: ESG Performance & Sustainability Reporting
  • Environmental: Social Responsibility & Social License to Operate
  • Environmental: Leveraging Technology to Improve Environmental Performance
  • Environmental: Renewable Energy and Low- to Zero-carbon Emissions
  • Environmental: Best Practices for Permitting and Regulatory Negotiations
  • Colorado Mining Association
  • Mining & Exploration: Operations: Metrics for Management and Planning
  • Mining & Exploration: Operations: Planning and Optimization Technology
  • Mining & Exploration: Operations: Operations Planning, Automation and Other Advancements in Mining Technology
  • Mining & Exploration: Management: Inclusion and Diversity at the Mine Site
  • Mining & Exploration: Management: Sustainable Development Across the Entire Mining Value Chain Mining & Exploration: Management: Project
  • Management in the Mining Industry, Sustainable Development Across the Entire Mining Value Chain, Inclusion and Diversity at the Mine Site

Plus, feature keynotes each day and signature lectures such as the Murray, Jackling and Dreyer round out the program.

PDH credit will be provided to ALL registrants at no additional charge and a copy of the meeting proceedings as is tradition.

The SME Program Committee is dedicated to your professional development at all times but especially during the challenge of COVID. Please join us in March as we learn from peers around the world. We look forward to seeing you all there.