Manuscript Submission 2022

Manuscript Submission

Accepted authors should submit their manuscript no later than November 1, 2022.


Congratulations, your paper has been accepted for inclusion in preprint proceedings USB. It is optional to submit a manuscript. The following information is critical for your successful completion and submission of your manuscript.

If your paper is prepared only for the Preprint USB—and you are not requesting peer review, follow the preprint format.

Preprint Format

Please use the Instructions & Guide for Preprint Manuscript Preparation as your primary reference in formatting your paper. It is neither SME's objective nor obligation to attempt consistency in the appearance of multi-author papers. Manuscripts will retain their characteristics (i.e., bullet lists, numeric outlines, quotations, etc.) as a result of each author's preference in the use of words and graphics. However, following the manuscript styles and guidelines will help in publishing proceedings in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Have you included a title?
  • Have you numbered all pages beginning with page 1?
  • Have you checked for errors and typos on all pages and figures?
  • Have you secured clearance for presentation and publication from organizations involved in the work being reported?
  • Are figures, formulas, references, graphics and tables easy to read, and the arrangement of tables well-thought and condensed?
  • Is the paper formatted in accordance with official instructions and specifications provided in the SME template?
  • Has "space-and-a-half" indexing been used for comfortable placement of typed equations?
  • Are measuring units in accordance with SI units?
  • Does the subject of the paper match your submitted abstract?
  • Does the paper present innovative topics or topics that are state-of-the art in mining/minerals?
  • Is the paper readable, interesting and timely?
  • Does the paper demonstrate the application of the techniques described using either simulated or real problems?
  • Does the conclusion of the paper comprise logical results that are following from other chapters of the paper?


Papers Requesting a Peer Review

If you wish the paper to appear on the preprint USB and be peer reviewed for the SME journal, you will need to submit it twice, once for the Preprint USB and once on the peer review website

SME will consolidate all peer-reviewed technical papers into the Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (MME) Journal. SME merged Minerals & Metallurgical Processing (M&MP), SME Transactions and the “Technical Papers” section of Mining Engineering into MME to form a journal that covers the breadth of SME’s fields of interest. MME is published in partnership with Springer Nature and will be freely accessible online by SME members through Springer Link. In addition, through the extensive Springer network, MME papers can reach up to 7,000 libraries and institutions and 20 million desktops worldwide. Importantly, MME will retain the Journal Impact Factor from M&MP and will continue to be included in the Journal Citation Reports, as well as abstracted and indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded, Current Contents-Engineering, Computing & Technology, Scopus, EBSCO and ProQuest. All papers published in MME will also have their abstracts published in Mining Engineering magazine.

MME is published in six issues in the even months of February, April, June, August, October and December. It has no restrictions on the number of article pages, figures or tables. For additional information on MME, please visit,-metallurgy-exploration-(mme). To upload a paper for peer review through Springer Nature’s Editorial Manager online paper submission and peer-review system, please go to this website: . Click on “Instructions for Authors” to print or save the instructions for manuscript subscription, and click on “Submit Online” to submit your paper.