Health and Safety Precautions & Procedures

MINEXCHANGE 2022: Health and Safety Precautions & Procedures

The health & safety of all MINEXCHANGE attendees is our top priority and SME is taking precautions to minimize risk.

All attendees are expected to comply with current venue, local, county, state, and federal guidelines. The following precautions will help prepare you for MINEXCHANGE 2022, please check back often.

This plan will be updated as guidance and recommendations change.


  • Review the Attendee Terms & Conditions. If you are not comfortable with the guidelines, you should not register. All attendees must acknowledge acceptance in the registration process.
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please do not travel. For information on spotting symptoms of COVID-19, please visit:
  • MINEXCHANGE staff is working with the venue, and local health officials to monitor the situation and will adjust our Health & Safety plan as needed.
  • The venue is adhering to strict protocols to clean and sanitize the property.
  • For more information about local regulations, please visit:


  • The CDC is recommending that individuals in areas of high transmission wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. There are currently no state or local government requirements for masks in public, but individual locations and businesses may post signage listing face mask or physical distancing requirements. If you are traveling to Utah from another U.S. state, there are currently no travel restrictions or quarantine requirements if you are healthy. You will be encouraged to wash your hands regularly and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Health self-assessments may be required to enter the meeting space.
  • While networking is highly encouraged, social distancing may be required in session rooms, meal functions and in the Exhibit Hall.
  • The venue will not provide pens and pads in session rooms and MINEXCHANGE will limit the distribution of printed materials. Please plan to bring your own pen and notebook and download the conference app as a printed program may not be available.
  • If you are not feeling well while attending MINEXCHANGE, medical personnel will be available for assistance.

We are excited to reconnect with you and will update this page regularly with any new information as it becomes available.