Meet the Program Committee


Anne Williamson
Vice President Environmental & Sustainability
Twin Metals Minnesota LLC

Chair – Minnesota Section
Allyz Kramer
SEH Duluth, MN

Coal & Energy Division
Heather Trexler
Project Manager
Tetra Tech Inc


Health & Safety Division
W. Pratt Rogers
Assistant Professor
University of Utah

Industrial Minerals & Aggregates Division
Bowen Li
Research Professor
Michigan Tech University

Mineral & metallurgical Processing Division
Erik Spiller
Vice President and Principal Metallurgist
Tetra Tech Inc

Mining & Exploration Division
Brad Atkinson

North American Iron Ore Symposium
Dennis Murr
Senior Metallurgical engineer
Barr Engineering

North American Iron Ore Symposium
Duane Kokkinen
Principal Emeritus
Barr Engineering

Environmental Division
Leslie Watson
Environmental Specialist
Watson Environmental